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Direct Access Qualified - without the need to instruct a solicitor to discuss your case

Warwick is a senior experienced criminal barrister with a proven record of outstanding results. Warwick is able to provide advocacy in relation to all matters before the criminal courts [Magistrates’, Crown Court, Court of Appeal] as well as extradition proceedings.

Warwick’s approach to achieving outstanding results is to carefully manage your case from the moment he is instructed. Warwick will provide you with full advice in relation to plea, strategy and prospects of success. This advice and support continues throughout your case.

Warwick is a fearless and determined advocate with a special interest in cross examination of different types of witnesses, child, police, expert etc and in defending those individuals who themselves may require special support and assistance in the court system such as clients with no experience of the court system who find proceedings particularly harrowing, youth clients and those with mental health or learning difficulties.

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Criminal Defence Barrister of the Year 2014